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About Us

Challenger HelicoptersChallenger, Europe's first mobile helicopter flight simulator, accurately replicates the handling characteristics of the Bell JetRanger, including a genuine helicopter cockpit complete with real flight controls, computer generated visual displays and a powerful sound system that feeds live air traffic control radio conversations into the pilots' headsets.

Flight Profiles:
When you fly in Challenger it is undertaken through the expert guidance of one of our highly experienced instructors, people can learn how to fly a helicopter for themselves. There are many options, for example, for the more adventurous; they can experience the thrill of flying on a crime-busting flight scenario. However, some people may be more interested in a more sedate flight, and could fly themselves down the river Thames, taking in the tourist sights along the way (landing in the courtyard of the Houses of Parliament will become commonplace!).

Challenger can be flown under a number of different flight profiles, all of which are extremely exciting:

Fly from any major international airport
Aircraft-carrier and ship-borne operations
Romantic night flight over Las Vegas
Sightseeing tour down the river Thames
Changeable profiles to include weather

Challenger is designed in a way so that, individuals will become convinced that they are actually airborne; it is this level of realism that allows Challenger to be used as a teaching device for pilots and an exciting challenge for anyone who has ever wondered what it's like to pilot a helicopter, emphasis can be placed on team-building using a ‘challenge' element or made purely experiential and great fun.

Due to Challenger's wide appeal and size makes it suitable for a wide range of applications:

Sales conferences
Product launches
Client and staff entertainment
Corporate Events
Parties, balls and other public events

Flight profiles can be programmed to suit the needs of the client's activities; the flexibility of this ensures that everyone's requirements are fully satisfied. Its mobility offers the client many options of Venue. For those on a budget, having Challenger on their own site cuts their costs and for those not, the sky's the limit, we can even bring our own ( real!) Helicopter to add the finishing touches. Our complete package put together by professional event organisers includes a qualified Pilot, knowledgeable and friendly hosts, bespoke activities and full on site support.

Challenger's interactivity, excitement and stimulating effect on people gives it wide public and corporate appeal, not only is it visually exciting and attractive, but anyone can use it and enjoy a unique, interactive experience that is truly different!


Technologically advanced with latest PC hardware and software
High-definition displays and surround-sound
Fitted with dual flight controls
Real helicopter fuselage, intercom and radios.
Overall Trailer Dimensions
Height: 2.57m
Width: 2.31m
Overall Length: 7.01m (Incl. Tow bar)
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