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Pilot Training

It is also Challenger Helicopters intention to run a register of Helicopter Pilots that wish to offer their services to more budding aviators. This will in the new year and be offered by the internet allowing pilots to register their availability. Please call and register manually initially.

Pilot training is currently being arranged by request but can range from an introductory 1 hr lesson right through to a full 45hr flight course including exams.

Please contact us directly for more details.

Save 4850 towards your R44 Licence in your first 10 hours

If you are learning to fly don't miss our offer of 10 hours simulator flying for 500, below is an illustration for the costs of learning to fly both a Robinson R22 and R44;

45 hrs min required @ 325 per hr R22 =14,625
70 hrs act training @ 325 per hr R22 =22,750
45 hrs min required @ 535 per hr R44=24,075
60 hrs act training @ 535 per hr R44=32,100

1st 10 hrs in R44 £5350
1st 10 hrs in Sim £500
Save £4850

Nearly every flying school in America has one of these simulators. Most state that if you spend 10 hours in a simulator at the start of training you will be able to hover in your first 1 hour. Used in conjunction with training this can save you 1000's.

We have an affiliation with a number of local and overseas flying schools which we can give you advice on to help you progress.

When you leave after your first hour you will understand how a helicopter operates i.e speeds up, slows down, banks over, hovers etc.

It is designed to be fun but has a serious element if you wish to go further.

To book now click here.

There is no age restriction. (Limited offer now 500 for 10 hours)

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